Wednesday, December 26, 2012

FINAL CALL:  There are two camps with this system - (1) the warm/rainer camp and (2) the colder, snowier camp.  Of course the computer models that the TV weathermen use are showing any snow quickly changing to rain, while the much more reliable EURO computer model continues to show impressive snow just outside of Boston.  I'm taking the warmer route just because the NWS is so conservative with this one and likely for good reason.  I've pushed the heaviest snow amounts NW and dramatically cut any accumulations for the vast majority of SE NE.  I think the changeover line will only make it to about Manchester, NH - Orange, MA - Pittsfield, MA.  NW of there, the storm should be primarily snow.  SE of there, fair game for freezing rain, sleet, and plain rain.  

Again, this map has extreme bust potential either way.  If we can get the precipitation in here quick enough, we can get significant accumulations right inside 128.  If not, I think we will have a map that looks something like this.  On a side note, it now appears that the weekend threat will slide out to sea, maybe scraping the Cape with some light snow or flurries.  Plenty of time for that one to change.

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