Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Messy Midweek Storm

FIRST CALL (12/27 3PM) - Merry Christmas everybody!  I hope everyone enjoyed the little bit of snow we got this morning.  There was a burst around 8-10AM that whitened the ground in eastern MA, but most of that has since melted this afternoon with temperatures getting slightly above freezing.  Don't fret, snow lovers though.  More snow is on the way and it should be here by overnight tomorrow night.  Posted to the right is my first call for snowfall accumulations from this storm.  Many will change to sleet, freezing rain, and plain rain, but not after several hours of moderate to heavy snow.  Even the city of Boston should get several hours of snow too.  Outside of 128 and especially 495 will see mostly frozen precipitation as the temperature will struggle to get over 32 out that way.  Inside 495, after many hours of wintery precipitation, temperatures will warm from the easterly fetch off the warm Atlantic into the middle to perhaps upper 30s and change anything that is falling to plain rain.  The Cape and islands will likely be too warm throughout the storm and temperatures could actually warm into the 40s when the storm makes its closest pass to Nantucket.

All snow will be confined to the northern mountains where over 12 inches of snow is highly possible.  But as you can see, heavy snowfall accumulations will reach all the way down into the NW half of Middlesex County and most of Worcester County through the Berkshires. (Where 6-12" of snow is possible).  Inside 495, the warm Atlantic will likely warm the surface more quickly, limiting accumulations to 3" to as much as 6" (best chance for higher amounts further inland, while somewhere like Boston right on the shore gets more like 1-2", maybe 3").

I will post my final accumulation map tomorrow morning and have more detailed information about start and changeover times.  Again, Merry Christmas to those who celebrate!  We may be able to muster up another storm by the end of this weekend too. More on that potential snow later.

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