Monday, February 18, 2008

Springlike Warmth A Thing of the Past

We have multiple storm threats to get through during this vacation week. I wanted to first say how wild a day we had today in the SNE area. Morning torrential rains and then the sun broke out in the early afternoon, allowing temperatures to soar to between 58-63 degrees regionwide. Now tonight, temperatures are dropping and rain is switching over to moderate snow in the western part of Massachusetts this evening. Tomorrow you will wake up to temperatures in the 20's and 30's, allowing for one more quasi mild day with highs around or slightly over 40 degrees. No more snowcover in my backyard is another thing I wanted to mention this evening as well. The rain obliterated the snowcover in much of SNE this warm day, except for areas in Worcester County and extreme northern Massachusetts up by Methuen. Now we have multiple storm threats to look forward to.

STORM 1 (Clipper)

First look at this storm and it looks to mainly miss all of SNE, barring the south coast and Cape Cod on Wednesday and Wednesday evening. But recent runs have trended north somewhat, so we will have to watch it. Overall, I think it will be a central Mid Atlantic and northern Mid Atlantic snow event with a general 1-3" of snowfall. Some areas may squeeze out a spot 4" amount if this thing can really overperform, which has been the theme of the winter for Mid Atlantic clippers. (ie Dec 5th) We may be able to get that light snow shield to extreme SNE and may accumulate it to about an inch. That remains to be seen.
STORM 2...

All eyes shift south as we watch a developing coastal try to spawn off its parent low in the Ohio River Valley. The quicker the transfer, the quicker the cold air stays in place and this remains an all snow event from Hartford to Providence to Boston on north. The GFS really shows a nice moderate to heavy snowstorm for our area starting sometime on Friday and ending Saturday. It will have to be watched closely. I really do not want to get into too much detail with this storm just yet for the details really will not be ironed out until 12z Wednesday or even more likely not until 12z on Thursday the way this winter has turned every single winter storm threat into a nowcast type of storm system.

So, I just wanted to get that out there and let you all know that big things are in the works for our area later this vacation week, so stay tuned to the latest forecasts. It could be a big weather week of great extremes. We already have springlike warmth checked off the list.

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