Tuesday, February 26, 2008

More Snow?

Today's little snow event north of Boston was a little bit of a surprise. I wound up with one inch of slushy snow that fell with temperatures around 35 degrees. It has since switched to a cold rain, but up north is still on key to get a good whallopping. Places up north will likely all see a solid 8-16" snowfall. I think the jackpot may be the White Mountains, where over a foot of snow is probable on top of the several feet already on the ground. This storm will still be going on tomorrow morning up North, with wind whipped snow, gradually ending, as SNE breaks into sun by early morning with alright temperatures in the 30's to near 40. Temperatures tomorrow will stay steady, around 40 all day here in SNE, but will stay in the 20's and 30's up north with the gradual end to the snowfall. Then we all get really cold on Thursday and again on Friday, with high temperatures in SNE staying in the 20's and up north staying in the teens with a new snowcover, before the next storm system moves in on Friday afternoon.

Friday afternoon, we should see a light to moderate snow develop across all of SNE and New England for that matter, but the exact intensity and coverage is still in question. The big question is if this remains a mainly moisture starved system as the GFS depicts or grabs some GOM moisture and pulls it up into the storm. Either way, I think temperatures will become an issue for especially coastal SNE as we could have snow falling from the sky, but temperatures will be around 34 degrees with limited accumulation. The best accumulation will be over the higher terrain, but I am not going for more than a 2-4" event outside of Route 495, and an inch or two closer to Boston. Boston may in fact have a change to plain rain. It will not become a big deal. There will be no storm of the century as many have been hollering about. Other than tonight's big snow in the northern ski areas, this week will be uneventful.

After Friday night's snowfall and wintery mix, we will warm up on Saturday and even more so on Sunday and Monday as temperatures could be surpassing 50 degrees ahead of Tuesday's potential rainy storm. The pattern still looks like it could support snow and cold, just when is still the question.

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