Tuesday, February 05, 2008

First Call: Rain to Snow Wed. Night to Thu AM

FIRST CALL 2/5 @ 1PM: We have ourselves the making of a very interesting forecast. Almost certainly this will turn into a nowcast type of event where you will have to watch your temperature tomorrow as it drops to see if you will get any worthy snows. Right now, this is my best guess as to where the best snow will fall. Right now it looks like the heaviest snow axis will fall somewhere in Central New England, but this is LP is traveling along a wavy front and where this front sets up shop is where the LP will follow. A more southerly track and more snow for SNE. Right now I am thinking that the LP will travel right along the South Coast of SNE. This will allow enough warm air to come up and keep SNE mostly rain tomorrow night, but even here I think a quick couple of inches of snow will be possible. Right now I am going with the most snow accumulation in SNE occuring north of the Mass Pike, even for the city of Boston where I think an inch or two will fall. An inch or two of glop, just enough to mess up the morning drive. N&W of Route 128 and 495 is where I think more snow will fall, especially over higher elevated areas, where 2-4" of snow is possible. This includes the northern suburbs of Worcester and even up into interior Essex County. Then once you get to about Manchester, NH on north, is where it will be snowing the longest and where you will pick up the jackpot. Easily a quick 4-8" of snowfall is possible here. Once you get north of North Conway is when amounts will start to come down, but even there a few to several inches of snow is possible, after today's surprise 5-8" snowfall in the pre dawn hours.

A WARNING is that this is a very tentative situation and this is a very wavy front and a few miles could make all the difference between a couple inches or nothing to seeing close to a half foot. This heavy band of snow could still move 50 miles further north or south. Its that close. That could bring the heaviest of snow into Boston metro or move it so far away that we only see a few flurries mixed in. So, check back with your favorite weather site. Its going to be a changing forecast. This is my best guess now. Check back in tomorrow and if you are able to GO OUT AND VOTE TODAY!

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