Saturday, February 02, 2008

Record Highs by Wednesday

Our break from winter will continue into next week, as we have another Lakes Cutter in our future, coming up for midweek, hopefully allowing our Super Tuesday to be dry for going out to the polls and parade? First of all, tomorrow will be a "super" day no matter what with mostly sunny skies and temperatures mild to around 40 degrees. Monday will be another nice day with temperatures, cooler, into the upper 30's. This one day stint of colder air will not last long as winds shift to a more SW component and temperatures will soar to the low 50's on Tuesday and we may be seeing near record highs on Wednesday with highs in the upper 50's and the chance of rain showers ahead of a cold front, that will send us back into reality come the end of this upcoming week. Storm threats still look minimal at this point snow-wise, so we will wait and see on that. It will turn colder, so our chances will go up.

FYI, the record high for Wednesday is only 56 degrees for Boston and I am forecasting a high of 57 degrees, hopefully if the rain holds off, we will be able to make that no problem. In fact if we saw any sun on Wednesday, highs would easily head up into the mid and upper 60's. The airmass will be that warm here for midweek and that would be nice. However, a return to winter will be on our doorstep as we bask in the record warmth.

More later.

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