Thursday, August 07, 2008

We Can't Break this Pattern

THURSDAY- We have been in this pattern for nearly two months now. Lots of showers and storms each and every afternoon and it looks like this pattern will be sticking with us for at least the next few days. We could get a break early next week only to go right back into a showery and cool pattern once again. Today and tomorrow will be the coolest of the next bunch with highs today getting up to the lower 70's away from the coast, to upper 60's to around 70 degrees right on the coast. Rain showers, some heavy, will move into our area later this afternoon and continue overnight through tomorrow morning as well. Tomorrow we will have some morning showers and thunderstorms exiting off the eastern shores of SNE and by midday we will be stuck in that bright overcast and damp feeling kind of day with very cool temperatures. Tomorrow will be stuck in the mid to upper 60's along the coast to near 70 inland. Western New England could see the sun by late afternoon with highs responding into the 70's to perhaps near 80 degrees, west of the CT River Valley. All and all, we are looking at a half inch to inch of rain with this storm system, or next spindle of rain for overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning.

The weekend will feature more of the same with showers and thunderstorms a threat each afternoon, but they will become fewer and farther between as we move along through the weekend. We could actually have a total dry day around here by Sunday with more sun than we usually see this summer and temperatures getting up to near of slightly over 80 degrees regionwide. If we can't do it Sunday, we can have a better chance at it on Monday and again on Tuesday. I think both days will be mostly dry and sunny with very warm temperatures getting back to slightly above normal once again. The normal high for this date is right in the lower 80's.

After Tropical Storm Edouard's landfall north of Houston earlier this week, there is not much else to talk about in the tropics at this time. Signs are that it could get pretty active in the August 15-25 time period, but we will have to wait and see about that.

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