Monday, August 18, 2008

Fall Chill to Summer Heat!

MONDAY- Good morning. Its a warm Monday here in southern New England. As of the noon hour, many areas from the Cape to metrowest are coming up into the lower to middle 80's on our way to highs in the upper 80's to maybe knicking 90 degrees in a few towns. A front will be coming through tomorrow with the slight chance of a shower or storm before noon north of the Mass Pike with a greater chance of showers and storms between 11AM and 3PM on the South Shore and South Coast and Cape. This will help to keep our temperatures down into the 70's with partly cloudy skies with Canadian air north of the Pike to mostly cloudy skies south of the Pike and especially the further east you go. This front will deliver some fresh Canadian air for Wednesday and we will see deep blue skies with very low humidity and temperatures only getting into the low to mid 70's despite nearly 100 percent sunshine. It will be a crisp fall-like airmass over us. That leads us to a very chilly night tomorrow night and Wednesday morning. We could have lows drop into the mid 40's in suburbia for Wednesday morning with areas south of the Pike staying in the 50's to around 60 in Boston and on the Cape. But places like Norwood, MA and Bedford, MA may bottom out between 42-44 degrees as they usually radiate like crazy on a clear calm night. We have one more cold morning on Thursday but the afternoon will be warm with temperatures getting back into the low 80's even with morning temperatures falling down into the 40's once again in suburbia, but again, Worcester, Boston and the Cape with likely stay in the 57-62 degree range overnight. Then it is off to the races with very warm conditions coming in to end the week with temperatures nearing 90 once we get to Friday and Saturday with abundant sunshine. The heat will return. Unfortunately its when everyone is starting to go back to work and school. Figures.

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