Saturday, August 09, 2008

Lots of (MORE) Rain

SATURDAY- I'm here to tell you that more and more rain is on the way to SNE. We aren't talking light rain, but gully washers here. After a nice dry Saturday with temperatures in the 70's we are going to have heavy to strong storms move through our area tomorrow afternoon and evening that will consolidate into one shield of heavy rain for early Monday before more scattered heavy showers on Monday afternoon. These storms will be hit and miss and the rainfall will vary widely from town to town, but many areas are fair game for at least one inch of water. Parts of western Massachusetts by Springfield and Amherst have already seen between 4-8" of rainfall in the past five days and more looks likely. I am going for a SNE regionwide totals of 1-3" by the time its all said and done. Some spots will get more and others not so much. Right now it looks like western SNE will get the most (again) with widespread amounts of 2" or more. Flooding will become another possibility here in SNE.

That all clears out by Monday and we actually get a Tuesday that is similar to today, partly cloudy and warm with temperatures in the 70's. The only reason we won't make it into the 80's is because the ground is so wet. That is why we woke up to so many clouds here in SNE this Saturday morning. Tuesday could be similar. Then we go back for more showers and storms come Wednesday that will linger right through the end of next week unfortunately. That's all for now, check back later.

The tropics are eriely quiet.

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