Thursday, August 14, 2008

Invest-92 Posing US Threat?

TROPICAL UPDATE- I thought I'd update the situation on Invest-92 this afternoon. Right now it is really starting to get its act together north of the Windward Islands and is quickly gathering steam as it heads in a WNW motion at this time. We could have a tropical depression by 5PM and a tropical storm soon thereafter. I have outlined the area in red where this storm is possibly going to track over. As you can see it will be heading generally in a NW motion north of Hispanola and Cuba. It will be going over the Bahamas as a strong Tropical Storm or even Category 1 Hurricane. Then it will come very close to South Florida before heading due north it looks like by the computer models. It looks to be off the SE coast sometime early next week and then head N and eventually NNE and NE heading away from the mainland United States. It looks to recurve out into the open Atlantic Ocean. This is still a developing situation and one that will have to be checked back with in the coming days if you live anywhere from the Keys to Maine at this point in time. The greatest chance of a direct impact from this not yet named storm would be from the central coast of Florida to the Carolinas. I would say at this point there is a low probability of SNE seeing anymore than just indirect effects from this tropical system. More on this developing weather situation later on. Watch out for the thunderstorms and downpours today and more rain tomorrow. Another washout?!

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