Friday, August 08, 2008

Dry Saturday, More Storms/Flooding Early Next Week

FRIDAY- Good afternoon everyone. We are actually seeing some sunshine around this noon hour today here in SNE. Don't get used to it because this midday sunshine will only increase the instability of the atmosphere as another spindle of energy rotates through the area later this afternoon with more showers and heavy thunderstorms. Some spots yesterday in western New England saw possible funnel clouds, golf ball sized hail, and heavy flooding rains. Some spots in the West saw between 2-5" of rainfall with yesterday's storms. Here in eastern New England, SNE, we were spared with the heavy rains and strong thunder as the marine influence helped to negate the instability. Today we will not be so lucky. The sun is out and the temperatures arer rising into the mid to upper 70's as of this noon hour. Expect showers and thunderstorms to spindle through our area by about 2PM in WNE and continue eastward around 5PM. A few pop up storms could develop in any given area at any given time today, so be on the lookout.

The storms should taper tonight and lead to a clear overnight with cool temperatures dropping into the 50's in the suburbs. A few spots will drop into the mid 50's, including Bedford and Norwood. Saturday will be a generally dry day with warm temperatures. Any showers will be confined to northern New England and even there will not be a great chance. Sunday the storms will arrive again, as a strong line of storms moves through our area and then stall off our shores on Monday as the front gets held up with a low pressure spinning off it and we get a stormy near washout day on Monday with cool temperatures. If we stay in the clouds and NE breeze, high temperatures will be in the mid 60's, but for now I'm going optimisticly lower 70's. We'll see. That gets us a dry Tuesday before more showers midweek. That's the pattern we are in and it looks to stay entrenched.

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