Friday, July 18, 2008

TD 3 Forms, High Heat Saturday, Unsettled Week Ahead

FRIDAY- We have got lots to talk about today. We have got ourselves a full plate to deal with. Tomorrow will be a very hot and humid day with heat indexes up to over 100 degrees! I am advertising heat up to the mid 90's tomorrow in much of SNE, while some spots will stay in the low 90's. Again, like today, there could be a random shower here in SNE. I was a bit surprised at the severe storms and torrential flooding rains in NNE today, and a few of those made it into SNE, giving Gloucester and Rockport a good storm as well as the Cape. A storm formed over Worcester County and moved east weakening as well, but tomorrow's storms will be few and far between. Most places will stay dry. I only give it about a 20 percent chance of any one town getting wet tomorrow. Then we are all fair game on Sunday and Sunday night especially when most will get wet with some showers and thunderstorms.

Then all eyes have to be moved to the south as the frontal system on Sunday could be the focal point and track for a developing tropical cyclone developing off the GA/SC coast tonight that just got named to TROPICAL DEPRESSION #3. Latest indications are that this could reach tropical storm status within the next couple of days and graze the NC Outer Banks and head up the coast. If anything, this will wring out all the water out of the air early next week, namely Monday and we could get a good soaking, whether or not we get the gusty winds from the TC, will have to be determined and ironed out in the next 36-48 hours. At the very least, next week looks to be quite unsettled.

That said, be safe tomorrow with the high heat and humidity. By now, you know the drill. Keep hydrated, wear cool clothes, and limit your time outdoors during the peak heat hours, 10AM-4PM. Have a good weekend and I'll have updates tomorrow on TD 3.

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