Thursday, July 24, 2008

Finally Drying Out

THURSDAY- After seeing rain everyday since Sunday, SNE is going to finally dry out after tonight's rains move off the Cape and Islands around or after midnight. We have had a rainy couple of days around here in SNE. Many spots saw between 1-2" of rainfall yesterday, plus another 1-3" of rainfall today. That makes us a two day total of 2-5", with rainfall since Sunday of over six inches. It is about time we started to dry out and tomorrow we will. We had a waterspout in Barrington, RI yesterday with minimal damage, but today we saw a more pronounced severe outbreak in Epsom, NH where between 50-100 homes were damaged or destroyed by a possible tornado. The pictures coming out of this small NH town are simply unbelievable. It looks more like a small town in KS, rather than a small New England town. Tomorrow the NWS team will survey the damage to see whether or not this was a tornado or straight line winds. From eye witness testimonies, this seems to be a tornado, that of an EF-2 or possibly EF-3. The damage is pretty awful.

More rain comes back in on Sunday, but we will not see inches upon inches of rainfall. In fact, it looks like most of the energy with this storm system will be up in western and northern New England. SNE could be spared with just scattered thunderstorms and locally heavy rainfall, not widespread heavy rain and thunderstorms. The North Country could see another 1-2" of rain, locally heavier and locally less all due to where the cells set up shop.

We clear out again to start next week, before we watch a packet of energy come out of the Lower Great Lakes with a pulse of heavy rain and thunderstorms, some severe, shoot out towards to Mid Atlantic and Northeast. For now, it looks like most of this heavy rain and thunder will stay to the south of us, south of New York City, but the potential is there for more heavy rainfall, looking like it stays south of us this time. This has another 1-2" of rainfall associated with it, so if we can miss it, I don't think many will be all that devastated.

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