Monday, July 14, 2008

High Heat On the Way....

MONDAY- Today's cloudy and muggy weather will be a thing of the past once we get to tomorrow and through the rest of the week and towards the weekend. Tomorrow will be the last real tolerable day of the week with temperatures in the low to mid 80's with fairly low humidity. Wednesday we will see some more humidity with increasing temperatures coming up towards 90 degrees before we are in the 90's for Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We could be talking low 90's on Thursday, mid 90's on Friday, and mid to upper 90's on Saturday with high humidity. Even Sunday could come close to 90 degrees, making it possible that Boston could see its second 4-day heatwave of the year. You will notice that the overnight lows won't be that low as well. We are talking about lows only making to around 70 degrees in suburbia and low to mid 70's in urban centers. If you don't have air conditioning, you may want to contact your local mayor's office and see whether or not cooling centers will be opening in time for this extreme heat and humidity. Real feel temperatures during this peak of the heat will be coming up over 100 degrees, most likely. It's nothing to fool around with.

In the tropics, Bertha is still hanging around, giving Bermuda some wind and rain with max winds of 70 mph ATTM. As it heads NE away from Bermuda, it could go back to a Category 1 Hurricane. This will allow for the surf to build up along our beaches, but that is the most we will see with this one. Rip currents could be dangerous as well, so just a word to the wise. We are still watching that area of disturbed weather east of the Windward Islands as well as it has developed a tropical low pressure system and all we need is some convection to form around the area of low pressure and we will be talking about TD 3. This could happen in the next day or two.

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