Saturday, July 12, 2008

Perfect Sunday for Late Weekend Cookouts

SATURDAY- Tomorrow will be a perfectly good day for a cookout here in SNE. We will be ahead of our next storm system that will not affect us until really late tomorrow night and Monday. Tomorrow will be a day that features more humidity and higher temperatures, mid and upper 80's. Clouds will start to develop later in the day and lower overnight and rain and thunder will commence for a general washout of a day on Monday. We will see tropical dewpoints into the 70's. We won't see inches of rain, but it will be a damp and cloudy day not worthy of the beach. It will have all the feel of a Monday. However, just wait a little bit and we will have days of sun and warmth Tuesday onward. By the end of the week, temperatures could be getting back into the 90's.

Hang in there.

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