Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Flooding July Rains

WEDNESDAY- I'm posting very late tonight, but I thought I'd break out the usual snowfall map for some pretty hefty rainfall totals that we will be seeing over the next couple of days. If you thought that we weren't able to get a half a foot of rain in July by anything other than a tropical cyclone, you were mistaken. All you need is a stalling out front and a whole heck of a lot of moisture riding up that front with a gusty southerly breeze. Today, Wednesday, will feature most of the storms in western New England and the Mid Atlantic. They will eventually migrate eastward by tomorrow night and especially Thursday. It will gradually weaken as it moves eastward saving metro Boston from inches upon inches of rain. You want to talk a lot of rain, then look into the western part of our area. Worcester on westward, including Hartford, will see a good 2-3" of rainfall, locally more in heavy slow moving thunderstorms. Where the mountains help to squeeze out every available drop of moisture, in the Berkshires and Green Mountains, expect a good 3" or more of rainfall with locally as much as 6" of rainfall. I wouldn't be surprised if someone in the Northeast from PA to western VT picked up locally 8-10" of rainfall in the next 48 hours.

As you move to Boston, we are dealing with a soaking 1-2" of rain with locally heavier and lower amounts. The Cape gets kind of jipped with this one as they will be left with less than one inch, but if we can get a batch of thunderstorms down there, you could easily see 1-2" with Boston as well. This is where we really could use the rain and hopefully we can get it down into SEMA. We should clear out by Friday with mostly sunny skies and temperatures back into the mid 80's after having 70's for Wednesday and Thursday, but with dewpoints in the upper 60's to low 70's at times. It's going to be a muggy, rainy, nasty couple of days. Check for basement flooding in the west.

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