Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Weekend Outlook

The overall pattern for the next several days looks to be that of unsettled and warm. Tomorrow afternoon will bring our first chance of rain, which may start as a mix of freezing rain and sleet in western MA and western CT where winter weather advisories have been posted for slippery conditions. After that, the weekend looks to be very warm.

Day by Day Breakdown
Tomorrow: Chance of showers, especially in the late morning and early afternoon through the evening. Highs in the 40's; upper 30's southern NH. Some morning ice is possible well west of Worcester.
Friday: Sun and clouds mixed, chance of a shower. Gusty SW winds and amazing warmth! Highs lower to mid 60's.
Saturday: Partly cloudy. Highs in the upper 50's.
Sunday: Partly to mostly cloudy. Chance of a few widely scattered rain showers. Continued mild. Highs upper 50's to 60.
Monday: Another warm day! Mixed sun and clouds. Gusty SW winds. Mid and upper 60's!
Tuesday: Transition day...warm AM and then showers with gusty winds as a cold front pushes through that will bring us back to reality. Until then, highs should range from the upper 40's to lower 50's. Still above average.
Wednesday: Back to reality. Gusty NNW winds and the chance of snow flurries. Highs in the 30's north; 40's Cape.


Eric said...

Not expecting the heavy snow in central NH and ME today/tonight. Visibilities at times down below a half mile. Amazing. Rain showers here in Woburn and there was even a time when it was sleeting loudly. Just a small price to pay for the warmth we are about to get.

Mid 60's tomorrow and 55-65 Saturday through Tuesday. Enjoy. Any more snow? We'll see. Back to around 35-45 by Wednesday.

Eric said...

There is also news about a sun flare that has burst off the surface of the sun. Scientist believe that this flare will reach the Earth by the end of this year or very early next year. They say that this one will be about three times bigger than the one that occured a few years back.

Just something interesting to think about. Won't generally mean that we will have warmer than normal temperatures because of the flare early next winter, but total failures of power grids could very well be possible, especially in poor infrastructure areas, like Russia, for example. That is something we don't need. No heat or hot water in the dead of the coldest months of the year. It would be a disaster.

More on this as we get closer to it in over six months. Until then, enjoy the end of winter, start of spring, summer, and fall.

Eric said...

Next posting on the site will probably be about tomorrow.

Eric said...

Rumblings of possible ACCUMULATING SNOWS around these parts on Friday...