Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Tranquil Times Ahead...At Least Concerning the Weather

A snowy Wednesday for some of us. Snow showers and squalls were pretty much with us all day. The snow started here in Woburn, off and on, around 1 PM and lasted until about 6 PM. All said and done, we managed to get a dusting of snow on the cars, porches, and grassy surfaces. Spots in Litchfield Co., CT, and the Berkshires of MA may see three or four inches of snow. That is about as much action as we are going to see as the next several days look to be very quiet. The possible St. Patrick's Day storm is going to go well south of us and may give some light rain and snow to the nation's capitial. In fact, the storm will be at its peak in southeastern Minnesota and southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois as a good 6-9" of snow is possible there.

Around these parts, a pattern change has been under way and we are going back to the Greenland Block weather pattern of February and early March. Highs the rest of this week and into next look to be below normal, but with the Greenland Block, there will be no chance of storms in this period, as if there was, they would be in the form of snow.

Quick look at the 5 Day Forecast
More sun than clouds, still breezy. Morning temperatures in the upper 20's. Afternoon highs in the upper 30's to lower 40's. Coolest in Worcester County.
Continued cool and tranquil. Storm stays well south of our area. Possible high cloudiness on the South Coast. Morning temps in the 20's; Afternoon highs in the 30's.
Sunny and cool. Still a northwesterly breeze. Chance of northern New England mountain snow flurries/showers at night with a reinforcing shot of cold air. Morning temps in the 20's; Afternoon highs in the mid and upper 30's.
Cold morning temps in the upper 10's to lower 20's. Continued tranquil weather and breezy conditions. Mountain snow flurries. Afternoon temperatures in the lower to mid 30's.
Quiet weather continues. Morning temps in the lower to mid 20's; Boston upper 20's. Afternoon highs around 40.
I will probably not be able to for a while as other responsibilities have come up, but I will try to be back on for an update this weekend. Enjoy the tranquil weather.

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