Sunday, March 26, 2006

Breaking Out the Shorts and Flip Flops by the End of the Week?

Looking at the 5 day and immediately your eyes are drawn to the end of the week. That is no typo. We will be well into the 60's on Thursday and even possibly flirting with 70 on Friday afternoon, even all the way to the beaches. Saturday may also be very warm as well, as some towns may be in the 70's.

Temperatures tomorrow will range from the upper 40's on the Cape and the coast, including Boston, to the lower 50's away from the influences of the coast inland. Tuesday will be a few degrees warmer as most areas will reach the low to mid 50's. Wednesday will again be a few degrees warmer than Tuesday as highs will manage the mid to upper 50's. Like a broken record, highs on Thursday will become even more springlike. Expect lower to middle 60's areawide. Only place that may be cooler is the Cape and Islands as any wind direction there is an ocean wind and with water temperatures in the lower 40's, expect temperatures to remain in the upper 40's to around 50 throughout the week. You will appreciate your personal air conditioner in the summer months as in the middle of heat waves up here in Boston with temperatures in the 90's, the Cape is most often in the mid and upper 70's. Friday comes some real warmth as many places, especially metrowest including Bedford, Natick, Lawrence, and southern New Hampshire including Nashua will all be flirting with 70. Boston may stay in the middle 60's. Out of the 5 day, Saturday looks to be the warmest day of the year with temperatures into the upper 60's and lower 70's for April Fool's Day. No snowstorms this April Fool's Day as we had 2-3 feet of snow back on April 1, 1997.

As for rainfall, or the lack there of, no hearty precipitation is in the forecast. I would bet that if we stay dry this entire week, Fire Weather Watches and Red Flag Warnings would be posted for increased and dangerous brush fire conditions. All of the dry vegitation from last year is just sitting there ready to be burnt. Keep that in mind as you head out and do your outdoor activities next weekend in the early summerlike warmth. Be careful with your cigarettes and follow the advice from the National Weather Service and local media forecasters as they will tell you of the dangers of brush fires later this week as the warmth becomes entrenched.

Enjoy the warm weather.

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