Saturday, March 04, 2006

Surging Warmth

Warm weather is on the way...this week will be the a seasonably chilly week with highs generally in the lower to middle 40's, until Friday. First, I want to mention the storm that occured Thursday afternoon that brought 6-8" of snow for those of you down south into RI and CT and the Cape and the Islands. There was a sharp cutoff of the snow as predicted and from Boston on northward, NOT a flake of snow, just as predicted. That snowcover will have a short stay with us, if most of it has not already melted with the high March sun angle. Now to the details on the surging warmth later this week...

Friday, some showers of RAIN may move into the forecast with highs into the low to mid 50's and temperatures will hold in the lower 50's throughout the night Friday as a strong warm front moves through the area. Saturday looks to be that windy day that you get in March will warm moist winds whipping the clouds for a changeable sky with fast moving clouds. Highs, at this point look like they could be into the 60's for much of Southern New England, barring a sea breeze, which is unlikely, but a SE wind could set up keeping the coast possibly much cooler as the water temperature is a chilly 38. However, inland locations could possibly soar into the mid 60's here. 65 looks to be a good number at this point. Cities south of us could see much higher temperatures. New York City, after having a snowstorm last week could hit 70!

Philadelphia could manage the lower 70's and Washington DC and Baltimore could be dealing with highs well into the 70's with 80 not out of the question.

No, this is not a dream, this is REAL. However, looking at the long range charts, a quick cooldown, especially north into SNE could mean this is just a one day surge of warmth as temperatures Sunday look to cool into the 40's again. However, flowers will pop and all the signs of spring will be around us. Spring is right around the corner.

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Wednesday, March 8, 2006 POST

Warm weather in store...

Tomorrow will be the transition day for many as highs will be right around 45 in the afternoon. Rain showers will move in around noon and it will be raw. Some ice is possible west and north of Worcester.

Friday will be extremely warm with windy conditions and partly to mostly cloudy skies. A shower cannot even be ruled out. Highs will make it into the low to mid 60's.

Saturday will be sunny with highs around 60.

Sunday will be partly to mostly cloudy with a chance of showers with highs 55-60.

Monday will be the same as Sunday, but highs will reach 60-65.

Tuesday we will see a cold front move in during the afternoon with early highs in the 50's.

Wednesday we will go back to reality with highs in the upper 30's and the chance of a snow flurry!

Colder weather looks to follow as temperatures will remain at or below normal.

Enjoy the Friday through Tuesday warmup.