Saturday, June 28, 2008

Summery Week Ahead

SATURDAY- We have got ourselves a steamy, warm, and wet couple of days ahead for SNE. It seems we have been stuck in an unsettled regime with constant threats for showers and thunderstorms nearly every single day and it looks like we will continue this summer of '08 theme for a little while longer. Tonight there is heavy rain and embedded thunder in southern NH and VT up towards northern New England where some spots could pick up a quick inch of rainfall tonight. This will only contribute to the steam heat tomorrow through Tuesday before Wednesday finally clears out with some drier weather. As we say goodbye to June, we will have more afternoon thunderstorms tomorrow with a frontal system moving through our area that is giving parts of PA some severe weather overnight tonight. Tomorrow there will be severe weather from PHI to NYC to BOS and much of New England. Tomorrow's main threat will be strong winds and torrential flash flooding rainfall. There could be some small hail associated with some of the bigger storms, but that will be more localized that the general rule. Monday will feature the same and Tuesday there could be some more strong to severe thunderstorms before we finally dry out on Wednesday with dewpoints getting back to more reasonable levels.

So far the Fourth looks to be very nice and comfortable with any showers and thunderstorms ending overnight Thursday night. By Friday night, the weather should be fine for all BBQ's and fireworks displays. Temperatures should be perfect for a mid-summer's night, mainly in the 70's to near 80, gradually slipping down later at night. We could wake up to cool mid 50's early Saturday morning in the 'burbs, so bring a sweatshirt if you plan to pull an all-nighter. We'll iron out those details as we get closer.

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