Monday, June 16, 2008

Not a Washout...

MONDAY- The next few days will not be washouts by any means, but they will not be the best days to have off as well. This afternoon there is a chance, a good chance, of showers and thunderstorms here in SNE. Some of the storms could be locally strong to severe, especially in western New England; western CT, MA, and VT. The storms should weaken as they enter the more stable environment here in eastern New England. These storms will produce vivid frequent lightning, heavy rainfall, strong winds in excess of 55mph, and large hail. We will repeat this again tomorrow, but the thunderstorms will likely not reach severe levels, although it is still possible especially in western New England once again. Wednesday will be our cool day, not as cool as our Sunday here in eastern New England when temperatures struggled to get over 60 degrees here yesterday. I am talking about upper 60's to around 70 cool on Wednesday. Thursday will be our last showery day before we dry out for the weekend and warm up by Saturday and Sunday into the 80's, which is right about normal temperature-wise this time of year here in SNE.

Why are we seeing so many showers this week?

The reason we are seeing so many showers this week is because there is an upper level low pressure system spinning up over and north of Northern New England. This counterclockwise spin keeps the atmosphere is a state of instability that will spark showers and thunderstorms. Since upper level lows are cold systems, there will always be the chance of very strong winds associated with these storms and small hail, penny sized, is always possible. They will be small potent, quick hitting storms. Some may get up to severe levels, as they could this afternoon.

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