Sunday, June 08, 2008

A Couple More Days...

Day 2 of the heat. Boston hit 93 degrees yesterday around 6PM and has already hit 90 as of the noon hour today, Sunday. Tomorrow will make it an official heat wave for Boston, three consecutive days of 90+. Tomorrow there will be no question that we will soar well into the 90s. I am thinking that today, Sunday, we will be in the 92-97 degree range for SNE, with scattered thunderstorms cooling us off later this afternoon and early evening. If we get some good showers later this afternoon, we will easily see dewpoints that are currently around 70, spike to the mid to perhaps upper 70s. Either way it's mighty oppressive out there today. Tomorrow I am going for a high in SNE of 95-100 degrees, going for 97 as a region average. Tuesday will be a degree cooler, but still very warm and oppressive with thunderstorms moving into our area late afternoon and overnight that will finally put an end to this oppressive air. By Wednesday we will fall back to around 80 degrees will low humidity and then we will see nice refreshing breezes from north of the border later this week as temperatures will be in the 70s with lows getting back to levels where we will be able to open up the windows.

An interesting side note, Boston's low temperature last night was a steamy 77 degrees. That is some 3 degrees warmer than our average DAYTIME high temperature for this time of year. I thought that was kind of cool. Boston will likely stay in the mid to upper 70's overnight tonight and tomorrow night into Tuesday morning, low temperatures may stay right around of slightly over 80 degrees, for an OVERNIGHT LOW! Don't worry though, by Friday morning, our suburbs could fall all the way back into the 40s overnight. I wouldn't mind that right about now.

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