Tuesday, June 17, 2008

C's Going for it All Tonight!

TUESDAY- Tonight is a big night in Boston sports history, game 6 of the NBA Finals for the Celtics and LA Lakers. Boston is up 3-2 on the series and tonight the Celtics will look to end the series at the Garden for the first time in over 20 years. Bringing back the glory. This afternoon there were a few thunderstorms around, none severe and there could be a few more in the coming hours, but they should dwindle down soon. Temperatures really weren't that bad today with highs getting right around 80 degrees once again with mostly sunny skies where I live today. There were a few storms that hit Worcester, Route 2 near Littleton, and Brockton to Providence. Tomorrow will be another day with sunny breaks, clouds, and showers. Tomorrow should be the coolest day of the next bunch with highs in the upper 60's, but eventually we will warm up as we head towards the weekend. Thursday through Friday will be more of the same, scattered showers and thunderstorms with cool temperatures.

This weekend looks nice with temperatures in the upper 70's on Saturday and then around 80 on Sunday before a coastal storm, believe it or not, pulses up the eastern seaboard to affect us on Monday and Monday afternoon with some heavy rains and some wind with cool temperatures. Monday looks like it has the potential to be a total washout. No washouts until then and again, GOOD LUCK C's!

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