Monday, January 14, 2013

Snow Map for Tomorrow Night

UPDATE (1-15-13) - 3PM:  I'm making that map my final call for tomorrow.  There may be a couple 6" totals in Worcester County or S NH, but not enough to warrant a new map.  The city of Boston will likely finish with about an inch before changing to a wet non-accumulating snow or even light rain.  Once you get to Route 128, then you will quickly see totals increase to a couple inches and more.  The Cape sits this one out again, but we may have a few more significant winter storm threats next week and beyond.  For now, enjoy the snow tomorrow morning.  It will be gone by late morning in western zones and the early afternoon in eastern areas.

FIRST CALL - I'm not tremendously bold with this one for being a significant snow maker for the area, but we should see advisories hoisted for interior zones.  I'm calling for a general 2-4" of snow with perhaps a town or two (esp. a hill town) to finish with a 5" amount.  Closer to the city, we will have to battle with the warm Atlantic Ocean.  SST's are still in the low 40s, so that will do its best to keep the surface warm near the coast.  The biggest wildcard on this map would have to be inside of 495.  As depicted, I have this area shaded in with 1-3".  However, if the winds remain mostly calm, then the ocean will have less of an effect and therefore snow accumulations would be more like interior zones right to the coast.  Boston will likely have trouble regardless, but as close by as Cambridge or Somerville would be able to pick up a few pasty inches of snow.  Further SE over the Cape and islands - I am expecting mostly rain with this one.  Perhaps they can get some wet, non-accumulating snow, but it would be tough to get anything more than that.  If anything changes tonight, I will touch up the map as needed.  For now though, I think this is a fair depiction of what will take place.  

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