Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Southeastern Mass Snowy Surprise Thursday Night?

It looks like my forecast for this past storm worked out pretty well.  Most of SNE (away from the Cape and islands) saw a general 2-5" of snow with this system.  The accumulating snow has tapered and we will be left with drizzle and snizzle for the rest of the afternoon.  Clearing by tonight.

Then we turn our eyes down into the southeastern states where our next storm is taking shape.  This storm looked to develop off the Carolina coast and then meander offshore, leaving SNE high and dry.  However, recent trends (most notably the GFS and NAM) are bringing this closer to our shoreline on Saturday.  Recent model runs even bring measurable snow all the way to the northwest suburbs of Boston!  I am not saying that it is going to make it that far NW (yet), but the potential is there especially for southeastern zones.  Anyone from Plymouth-points south and east should prepare for at least a couple of inches out of this one.  We will watch the trends closely to see if this threat gets any closer to Boston.  For now, I would lean towards mostly dry in the city and nearby suburbs.  Lots to figure out though.  I may do an update later this afternoon or tonight if this becomes more of a threat.  Also, if it holds, I will be issuing my first call snowfall accumulation map by tomorrow afternoon too.

This is going to be a tricky forecast to say the least.

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