Sunday, January 20, 2013

FIRST CALL for Tuesday AM

FIRST CALL (SUN. 1PM) --- Here is my first call for this complex inverted trough scenario.  We won't know exactly where the heaviest of snows are until this event is underway basically, so expect a wide range of forecasts for this one.  Some TV outlets may be calling for 6"+ in Boston and E MA, while others merely forecast an inch or two.  This is my call right now.  I think somebody in E MA does very well, while others (some who are even in the 4-8" shading!) only get a couple inches.

And guess what?  More snow is in the forecast for Friday.  But before that we will have to deal with sub zero mornings in the 'burbs Wednesday and Thursday morning.  Wind chills could be -10F to -15F in SNE!  Get ready.  It's coming.

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