Saturday, January 19, 2013

Disaster Tuesday AM Commute?

I am waiting on a few more runs of the models before providing more details, but guidance is trending toward a potentially significant snowstorm (esp. for eastern SNE) Monday night into Tuesday.  Our snow would come from a developing low pressure system off of Nantucket that throws snow back into SNE from a 'Norlun' front.  Norlun fronts can be difficult to forecast.  They often have a narrow band of heavy snow with much lighter snows on either side of it.  Wherever that front stalls, the potential exists for over 6 inches of snow.  Some models have that feature over the ocean, while others give the Boston metro area over a foot of fluffy snow.  We'll have to watch this one closely.  Expect it to come into clearer focus by tomorrow afternoon.  Maybe by then I will be confident enough to put up a map with my first thoughts.  Lastly, GO PATS!

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