Saturday, May 12, 2007

Some Frost on the Lawn

This graphic is from Accuweather and shows the frost and freeze potential for tonight and tomorrow night. It shows that the frost/freeze potential will move into Hartford, Providence, and just outside of the heat island, Boston, by tomorrow night. Temperatures tonight will cool enough in the valleys of SNE for some scattered frost, but there will be more frost on Monday morning here in SNE and both days in NNE. Temperatures in the colder valleys of NNE tonight will drop to between 28-34 degrees. SNE valleys will drop into the lower to mid 30's, but the heat island of Boston will remain about 10 degrees warmer with lows never really falling below 45 degrees. Tomorrow night, temperatures will drop into the lower 30's in SNE's valleys. This will cause some more widespread frost, so be sure to bring in those sensitive plants because some of those coldest bogs and valleys will likely drop to between 30-32 degrees for at least a couple of hours on Monday morning (3AM-5AM) Thats all for now.

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