Saturday, May 12, 2007

Seasonable May Week Ahead

Sorry I haven't been able to post in a while, but I'm back and we got that sizzling week that I forecasted some 10 days ago. Maybe it didn't get to that 90 degree mark in Boston or Providence, but it did hit 90 this week in Concord, NH and many of Boston and Providence's suburbs reported temperatures near 88-89 degrees on both Wednesday and Thursday. So, I don't think it was an absurd forecast that some called me out on. Numbers may have been a little too high, but were pretty much in line with what we actually saw in the 6 day period.

That said, another awesome cool Sunday is on tap for tomorrow. Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there as well. It will be gorgeous with highs in the lower 60's with a light NE breeze keeping the coast crisp with highs in the upper 50's with crystal clear skies. Monday will warm up a tad into the lower 70's with abundant sunshine, but Tuesday will be this week's hottest day with temperatures easily topping 80 degrees in many locals and if the clouds don't fill in until later in the afternoon, temperatures could easily top out in the mid to upper 80's. It will also be very humid and this will spark off some heavy showers and thunderstorms, similar to what we saw yesterday around noontime in Boston. However, a ripple of low pressure may develop along the stalling front and give us a cool steady rain on Wednesday that could actually be a beneficial soaking that we most desperately need believe it or not. We'll have to watch this possibility.

We clear out slowly and by the end of next week, we will be back into the sunshine with seasonable mid-late May temperatures, in the 70's!


Anonymous said...

Your forecast was +9 on Monday, +5 Tuesday, and +5 again on Wednesday from averages at Logan. That means you were a bit more than 6 degrees too high over the three day period. Perhaps I was mistaken in thinking the forecast is for Boston? I'm not saying it was a bad forecast, but I was correct in saying that it was much too high.

Andrew said...

These forecasts are generally not for Logan Airport. Who really lives on that island?

It can be some of the worst heat of the summer and places inland will be seeing temperatures in the mid and upper 90's, while because of that marine influence, temperatures will be 85. It happens and many have pushed for Boston's offical records to be moved from the airport to a more inland location.

Take the January 22nd Blizzard of 2005 for example. Boston's Logan Airport recorded 21" of snow, while at the Common, over 30" of snow was recorded!

I would bet that more people live where the 30" was...correct?

Your numbers of the dept. are correct, but really...this is a forecast more of where it matters to where people actually live.

If you want to reference my numbers with averages...let's say we use Bedford, MA from now on, not Boston. I should have made that more clear.