Tuesday, May 22, 2007

High Heat on the Way!

High heat is on the way to SNE the end of this week. Tomorrow will not be hot or even warm for that matter. Tomorrow will feature highs around 70 away from the coast, but right along the coast including the city of Boston, temperatures will likely reach 63-66 degrees by noontime and then fall back to around 60 with a seabreeze that may make it all the way to Route 495 by the end of the afternoon, bringing down temperatures from around 70 to the lower 60's. Then we go into the high heat. Thursday it moves in, mainly affecting the inland areas away from the coast by 10-20 miles with high temperatures rebounding into the mid 80's, but areas along the coast will likely stay in the upper 70's to around 80. The Cape and Islands will likely stay in the mid to upper 60's throughout the period as a side note.

Friday we will really start to bake under mostly sunny skies. Temperatures for inland areas will likely push if not exceed 90 degrees. Many towns will make it into the upper 80's, including Boston and Providence likely seeing their highest temperatures for 2007. Highs in these two cities may make it to around 87 in Providence and 88 in Boston. Further inland, places like Bedford, MA will likely make it to 90-92 degrees and towns in southern NH will likely make it into the lower 90's as well. Concord, NH will likely see its second 90 degree reading for this season as well. Mid 80's are in store for Saturday before we cool down Sunday into the 70's before returning to the 80's for early next week.

This weather will make for great beach days for those who are already out of school and can get a day off work. Unfortunately, I am not one of the lucky ones. Those who do make it to the beach this week, enjoy because this will be the best late May beach weather that we have seen in a few years. Enjoy it.

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