Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Severe Storms to a Cool, Rainy, and Raw Weekend

Here is the map of the TORNADO WATCH that I mentioned earlier. This is courtesy of WHDH Boston. As you can see, much of interior SNE is under this watch. At this moment, I feel that the threat for tornadic thunderstorms has passed, but the NWS out of Taunton has extended the Watch an extra hour as there are now some major severe storms ripping through Massachusetts at this time. The biggest threat will most certainly be the heavy rainfall. Worcester picked up 1.3" of rain in a 45 minute period earlier this afternoon. It has sure been a wild afternoon for severe weather here in SNE today.

Cool weather is going to be the rule the next several days as we will go into a marine weather pattern with a raw NE breeze through the next several days. This means that we won't see the sun until early next week. Tomorrow will be a mostly dry day, but it will be overcast and very cool with highs struggling to get out of the 40's in eastern New England. A few spots west of Worcester will likely reach 50-55 degrees. Then a powerful coastal storm will get its act together along the eastern seaboard and inundate us with heavy rain for about 36-48 hours and it will be extremely cold with highs in the mid 40's for eastern New England on Friday and Saturday. Local flooding will be possible as the ground will be very saturated. Many areas have received between 1-2" of rain today and tack on another 1-3"+ from this weekend's storm, there could be some issues.
That will be all the updates for today, enjoy the storms and stay warm the next few days.

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