Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sunday's Clipper

FINAL CALL (1/17/09 @ 2PM): Here is the final call for tomorrow's snowfall. We have a clipper coming out of the GL today and this will spread snow into New England between 3-7AM west to east tomorrow morning. Warm air is going to get involved BOS S&E as rain/mix will be the predominant precip type on the Cape where only a C-1" will fall before the changeover and temps max in the mid-upper 30s. Boston is good for 1-3" before marine influenced air infultrates the area, but only 5-10 miles NW of BOS should stay mostly snow and that is where a good 3-6" of snow will accumulate. Maine will get the storm in the GOM as it blows up and spits out the heaviest QPF in that area. This will lead to a good 6-9" from this clipper before we turn our eyes to a developing coastal near the Del Marva. Recent information now takes this storm further out to sea, but it is so close that we should keep an eye on it. At the very least, some rain and snow showers will be on the Cape with the second storm. But for now, it looks like a near hit, but not close enough for anything significant.

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