Monday, January 05, 2009

Messy Wednesday

Wednesday is going to be one of those days where forecasts will likely bust horribly. Right now this is what I'm thinking. We all will start as a brief period of snow snow early Wednesday morning (3-5AM) and it will gradually transition over to a wintery mix south of the Pike. A quick 1-3" is possible areas south of the Pike, including the city of Boston before the switch to sleet and then freezing rain, rain Boston. The area outlined in red slash marks for northern CT, RI, interior SEMA, southern ORH Co. to the Springfield area are all in line to see healthy amounts of ZR after the switch from snow. This is the area where Ice Storm Warnings may need to be issued and where a 1/2" or more of ice accretion is possible. This will be enough to do some damage to trees and power lines, so we will need to be aware of isolated to scattered power outages in this area. The good news is that the latest information is lessening our ZR threat and it looks like it could be more of a sleet issue, which would be a saving grace. NW of 128 and north of the Pike, the changeover will take longer, so 2-5" of snow is forecasted before a switch to sleet. North of Concord, NH to Keene will be areas that receive mostly if not all snow out of this one. Areas that do stay all snow will likely pick up a healthy 6"+ of accumulation. The ski resorts will welcome this with open arms with the last couple bigger storms being primarily SNE storms. Thereafter, we look to go into the ice box later this week and for the foreseeable future. Be sure to shovel this wet snow Wednesday because if you don't it will be cemented to your driveway for a few weeks at least.

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