Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Perfect Weather Day for Thanksgiving

Turkey Day still looks like a winner, weatherwise. Morning temperatures will be coming up through the 30s and then be around 40 for 10AM football games. Highs tomorrow afternoon should get into the mid 40s here in SNE, colder north. It should remain totally dry as well. That leads us into Black Friday and there will be no weather issues trying to get to the mall for good deals. You'll need a winter coat with temperatures in the 40s but it won't be brutally cold. Rain should hold off until after midnight as a few wet snow flakes may be mixed in north of Route 2 and in the Worcester hills and SW New Hampshire. We stay mild through the weekend, and then our attention turns toward another storm developing in the South and see how it interacts with a trough developing over the east and see exactly where this thing wants to track. Right now, I would favor an inland track with may the initial stages of the storm starting as a brief wintry mix here in SNE, but quickly turning over to rain and with a southerly flow we will get back to around 50 degrees during the peak, very much like the situtation yesterday. We will have to wait and see how that works out, but right now it looks like another SNE rainstorm. Areas North that saw snow yesterday could see another wet accumulating snow again before any changeover. It's still 4 days away so there is time to change, but this is trending towards another rain maker. Warm at that.

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