Wednesday, June 07, 2006

June Nor'easter

Heavy rains are starting to an end across the Bay State this evening after today's early summer Nor'Easter. Rain was excepitonally heavy towards the South Shore today as rainfall totals across this area ranged from mainly 4-7". Farther to the northwest, rainfall amounts gradually tapered to between 1-4". This is after last weekends 2-6" of rain and a mid May's 6-20". Winds today also gusted to near 45 mph at Logan International as well.

Tomorrow will bring a day of early morning showers then just turn cloudy with occasional showers and drizzle to keep it a wet and cool day. Friday more rain will develop. Friday's rain does not look to be as potent or heavy as today's storm. Once we get to the weekend, the sun will come back out and temperatures will slowly warm to near normal levels; mid 70's by early next week. Stay dry.

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