Saturday, May 24, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend, Start of Summer

Happy Memorial Day weekend! Can you believe it? We are already half way through this 2008 calender year and are now entering the 'unofficial' start to the 2008 summer season. I don't know how many of you went off to the mountains or beaches this holiday weekend with gas prices up over $4.00/gallon, but if you did, you picked a winner. Today, Saturday is a little bit cloudy, but still nice temperature-wise, with highs getting to around 70 degrees. Tomorrow and Memorial Day Monday will be absolutely perfect with highs getting up into the mid 70's tomorrow, maybe around 70 on the eastern facing shores right on the beach, with upper 60's on the south facing coasts, but on Monday we will all bake with a one day stand of sunny skies and highs getting into the mid and upper 80's metrowest and eastern facing beaches, but low 70's on the Cape and mid 60's South Coast. The transition day will be on Tuesday with a few showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon as a cold front comes through to return us to below normal temperature wise for the second half of this shortened workweek. We are back into the 60's for Thursday and Friday, but with the high sun angle, you will still get burned and standing in the direct sunlight with no wind, it will feel every bit as hot as an 88 degree day in July. Overnight lows get to comfortable levels, mid 40's, which will feel refreshing after perfect early summer days.

More later and I hope you all have a relaxing first weekend of 2008. Many more BBQ's to come. GO CELTICS!

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