Thursday, May 08, 2008

Rain and Lots of it on the Way...COLD too.

Its been over a month since I last posted on this site, but I came out of spring hibernation this week because there is some crazy weather that is going to affect our area starting tomorrow and continuing into next week. If you take a look at the temperatures for Monday and Tuesday of next week, your eyes are not deceiving you. Those say that the highs will be in the low 40's on Monday and only around 40 degrees on Tuesday as a coastal bomb gets going SE of southern New England. First we get to tomorrow's storm. Expect a coastal storm to develop south of New England with rains developing during the morning here. Rain will become heavy during the afternoon hours and continue to fall moderately to heavily through the overnight hours. The rain will not let up until early Saturday morning. The winds will come off the ocean and allow temperatures to get into the mid 50's before the rain starts and then during the afternoon, temperatures will cool down to the upper 40's to around 50 here in eastern New England as that is what the ocean temperatures are. Then we get a one day reprieve on Sunday with highs actually getting up to around 70 degrees with a little bit of sunshine. That is all we need this time of year, just a little bit of sun and we are pushing 70 degrees.

That is what makes it all the more remarkable for what could happen early next week, Monday and Tuesday. A coastal storm will cut itself off from the jet stream and sit off the coast with a cold pocket of air developing over the New England area. It will be a mighty cold system with even low elevations having temperatures in the low 40's with heavy windswept rains. Up over 1000-2000' here in SNE, there may actually be some wet snow mixed in with the rain in these elevated locations. Its still way too early to get into specifics with snow in May, but the big story is that its going to be very cold.

We get another brief break midweek next week before another rainmaker moves in late week with cold conditions. Its a poor outlook for outdoor activities and sports. Sorry.

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