Wednesday, September 20, 2006


No 5 day tonight, the link is not working but heres a quick synopsis of the forecast for the next 6.

Frost is likely come Friday morning in much of Southern New England away from the urban heat islands, like Boston, Providence, Worcester, and perhaps Lowell. After not seeing cold mornings in about 2 weeks, it will be a shock to the system when you wake up Friday morning and see that temperatures are in the low 30's.

Highs, however, will rebound to comfortable levels, into the 60's. We will be back into the 70's for the weekend, but the tradeoff will be rain on Sunday, light rain showers. Monday will begin showery, but it will be cooler and Tuesday will be the coolest of the new season as highs look to stay in the upper 50's. Lows could go all the way down to around 30 in the coldest places like Norwood and Bedford, MA.

Other than a little rain Sunday, a pretty good weather pattern continues for the next seven days.

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