Saturday, October 11, 2008

Foliage Starting to Peak

The fall foliage is starting to peak across much of Central and now Southern New England. It has come on strong with the maples and birches here in eastern Massachusetts and is really starting to look amazing with peak conditions coming on strong and vibrant. SE Massachusetts is still only nearing peak, while everyone else will be passing peak in the next week or two with massive leaf drop likely. This is an amazing weekend for leaf peeping for those who went to the North Country to see amazing vibrant colors on the base of the mountains and snow capped summits. Its an amazing sight. Route 16 in NH is great this time of year. The peak colors will continue to head SE towards the coast and get the Cape within the next 7-10 days. The weather has been fantastic with highs in the North getting up into the 60's with highs in the South getting into the 70's the past couple of days. Tomorrow through Tuesday and Wednesday look to continue the cool nights and warm days theme with highs tomorrow and Monday near 70, while Tuesday will be into the mid 70's, before we start to cool off later in the week to near 60 by Thursday and then by the weekend, highs will be in the 50's it looks like in the Boston metro area with highs in the north likely staying in the 40's with overnight lows into the 20's North and 30's South. If you haven't gotten a frost yet, next weekend may be the time for you. It looks like many areas outside of the city of Boston will be experiencing their first frosts and possibly hard freezes by next weekend, say around Sunday morning perhaps. Until then, enjoy the warm October weather because long range outlooks chill us down big time by the end of next week and that cool to cold weather regime looks to continue through the rest of the month it looks like. So get out there and enjoy the warm sunshine while we still have it.

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